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[laughs and shakes his head] Wars not make one great! A Jedi craves not these things." "Always in motion is the future." "And well you should not. (gesturing) Here, between you...tree..rock...everywhere! It’s not that simple, though, when you have three dogs, four cats, and a very recently adopted (ridiculously adorable) kitten who happens to be missing half of one of his rear legs. Write the check for the petsitter, put everything into a folder on the counter. We drove through “TOC” (Truth or Consequences), which is like a town that time forgot, and pulled up in front of the little bookstore. Behind her was a map of New Mexico with a large arrow pointing to TOC, saying, “You are here NOW.” “Oh, you’re lucky. Otherwise they might get into a fight.” Sabrina and I glance at each other. Actually, I do not even like other people to give her treats. As we got in the car, we saw a Dollar Store across the way. We had several more pit stops, but we eventually made it to Santa Fe, checked into our motel room, and got to the reading with a scant ten minutes to spare.Then I pack for Rocky, making sure she has bagged food for the trip, her own bowl, a spoon for the wet food, treats in a treat bag, plenty of poop bags, the proper paperwork in her vest, etc. I opened the back door to let Rocky out – and realized that I had forgotten her leash at home. I called out to Sabrina, “I forgot Rocky’s leash.” “What? What kind of service dog handler forgets her dog’s leash? She took off her belt, and handed it to me, and we had a make-shift leash. The other person with a dog just left, so it’s OK for you to come in.” Sabrina said, “She’s a service dog.” She said, “The other one was a service dog, too. The woman continues, “Unless the two dogs know each other, if they come in together. I prefer, if treats are given, that they give the treat to me, and then I give her the treat, so that I am always the source of food. Sabrina thought they might have leashes there, so we drove over to check it out. But the woman inside, when I asked about leashes, pointed me to a small pet section, and I found one leash – a black one, that happened to have printed on it “Rocky Mountain Veterinary Clinic,” which was simply too perfect, the combo of having Rocky’s name on it, and the fact that I grew up in the Rocky Mountains. As I pulled out my dollar bill, the woman said, “Can I give Rocky a treat? Rocky did finally eat a meal late Friday night, but refused to eat the next day, once again thrown off by traveling.I haven't posted in a way long time so I decided with a new post should come a new look!I am trying this new theme that blogger recently introduced to see how it flows and any comments are welcomed. Not that Nala is immune to this, she does get an occasional rash.

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I have 3 teabags currently steeping in two cups of hot water!

Once it cools down I will fill up my spray bottle and try it out.

As we were waiting, the server came up to me and said, “I can bring a bowl of water and plate of bacon for your dog.” Oh my god!

I politely refused, saying that as a service dog, she was not allowed to eat in restaurants.

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