George clooney julianna margulies dating christian dating port elizabeth

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But this is all a game of fantasy, so just play along.) All of them possess glamour, a sense of humor and/or an “it” factor that would make them irresistible Clooney partners, at least from a celebrity- watching perspective. But even within this hypothetical realm, married women are ruled out.

Which is a bummer, because that kicks both Christina Hendricks and Julianna Margulies off the list.

The actress took a moment to voice her love for the name Kate Middleton and Prince William chose for their son: ‘It's a fantastic name, isn't it?

Someone was telling me the nickname will be Gal (his initials).

This would not be the first time that the pair have had an ER reunion, as they made a surprise appearance on the final episode of the long-running show in 1999, after the two had quit the series a few seasons before it came to an end.Producers kept the date secret to maximise ratings while pundits speculated Clooney, 47, would only re-enter the fray in ER's final episode, to be broadcast on 2 April.But here he is, in intimate scenes with Margulies, along with Eriq la Salle (Dr Peter Benton) and Noah Wyle (Dr John Carter) are all returning to the show for the concluding storyline.Margulies played Carol Hathaway, a hardworking nurse alongside him.The Golden Globes 2015 Awards will mark Clooney’s first official showing at an awards show following his widely publicized marriage back in September of 2013 to Amal Alamuddin.

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