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In some cases, I render the index "unusable" prior to populating given the volume of data.I read that it will help with the insert performance, where in these cases, I don't have a choice but to rebuild my index to enable, would that be correct?

(Friday was picked because it was often just after a code release, and tended to be a fairly low traffic day.) When they saw a bad query they would find a better query plan and save that one so it wouldn't change again unexpectedly.To always choose the best execution plan for a SQL query, Oracle relies on information about the tables and indexes in the query.Once the optimizer has done its job, it provides an execution plan to Oracle.When a SQL statement is executed, the database must convert the query into an execution plan and choose the best way to retrieve the data.For Oracle, each SQL query has many choices for execution plans, including which index to use to retrieve table row, what order in which to join multiple tables together, and which internal join methods to use (Oracle has nested loop joins, hash joins, star joins, and sort merge join methods).

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